Let's Make It Happen

PLAN understands the full spectrum of the supply chain functions. We collectively have experience in procurement, warehouse management, shipping, receiving, packaging, new model, and hazardous materials. Our vast experience in the industry, enables us to fully understand the costs involved in the transportation of products. We guarantee our professionalism and knowledge in the industry will bring cost reduction not only in transportation, but other aspects of your supply chain as well. Below is our specialties in the transport industry.


  • This is the most commonly used truck in the industry. We are members of the Ohio Trucking Association (OTA), and we use our network to provide you with the most opportunities possible!


  • We understand the importance of refrigerated goods, and only partner with the best trucking companies to provide you with the best service, and punctuality of your cargo. 


  • One of the most expensive types of trucks. We are very strategic in our negotiations to ensure all areas are covered, and your cargo is in good hands!


  • Our background is in rail, ocean, and traditional trucking. Our employees have experience working with companies such as Norfolk Southern, DHL, and Ocean Network Express. We bring an unique perspective to the process of moving intermodal containers, and are aware of time sensitive terms such as rail cuts and vessel schedules.


  • Transportation costs are one of the most expensive budgets for businesses. We understand the value in consolidating freight to save costs, in addition to still being on time to avoid impacting productivity. Take a stand and partner with PLAN for your LTL needs!