We Earn The Right To Get It There

We Provide A Complete Service Package To The Transportation Community

PLAN offers complimentary logistics services to shippers, carriers, fellow brokers/agents, and veterans in the transportation sector.


  • PLAN understands the full spectrum of supply chain functions. We collectively have experience in procurement, warehouse management, shipping, receiving, packaging, new model, and hazardous materials. Our vast experience in the industry, enables us to fully understand the costs involved in products. We guarantee our professionalism and knowledge in the industry will bring cost reduction not only in transportation, but other aspects of your supply chain as well.


  • “Work better together!” This is our company motto with carriers. We understand the costs of running a trucking business. We strive to be transparent, and help you get your trucks in a profitable position on all transactions.


  • Hazardous cargo shipping can be one of the most strenuous shipments to perform. Partner with PLAN to ease the stress! We have over half a decade’s worth of experience in shipping hazardous cargo through all three ship modes. Make a stand and partner with PLAN!


  • The transportation sector of the United States is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry. There is more than enough opportunities in this industry to share. For those interested in becoming an agent or starting your own brokerage, we offer the following services: website development, logo development, ISO standards, virtual training, in person classroom training, and mentorship! Email with your needs, and we will reply back within 24-72 hours guaranteed!


  • Our CEO served as a 88N Transportation Management Coordinator in the United States Army for 8 years. Part of our mission, is to provide opportunities for our military members with employment. Mr. Price is eager to engage with military personnel, and guide them to success in the civilian transportation sector.